A conference that focuses and touches on what we need as a global society to foster care in children and adults. 


This idea was born as we thought about how all systems that ought to be designed in schools can contribute to creating a culture of care for each of the individuals that learn and collaborate in it. 

C.A.R.E. will be a conference that will commence with a plenary session, followed by a series of parallel workshops aligned with the vision of the event, which will conclude with a roundtable in which all presenters will participate. The purpose of the roundtable is to give all participants an opportunity to listen to the insights of the presenters whose workshops they did not attend, which should help them to synthesize the experience at the conference. 

When: November 27-28, 2020

Where: Mumbai, India


The C.A.R.E. conference in Mumbai will feature the following topics:


Target audience 

Breaking the language barriers in mathematics instruction  Mathematics, science, support teachers 
Sustainable and facilitative leadership  Heads of department, grade leaders, curriculum coordinators
Tech Innovation in Physical and Health education PE teachers 
Building a culture of empathy, support, and resilience  School counsellors, learning coordinators, learning support team
Approaches to teaching in a concept-based environment  Educators and coordinators

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All participants will receive a certificate of participation

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